Monday, March 28, 2016

Lauk's Nest

Created in 2005 by resident Laukosargas Svarog (who also designed the beautiful sim, Svarga), Lauk's Nest is located just north of the Snowlands of Sansara, but in much warmer climes. Constructed as Mayan temple ruins surrounded by a rain forest, this impressive, historic build sits on a large island (pictured below) in the wonderful Sea of Fables. While the build has changed hands many times since Lauk created it, it still retains a large portion of her original design, including some interesting attempts to script life. There are flowers which change color when bees land on them, beehives from which bees emerge several times a day to pollinate the flowers, and carnivorous plants and birds which occasionally eat the bees. In Svarga, which was designed in 2006, Lauk took this experiment a step further, creating clouds that rained and essentially a dynamic ecosystem in which plants grew and multiplied. Built in a time before sculpted or flexible prims were available, both Svarga and Lauk's Nest are marvelous examples of the beauty that can be created with the basic SL prim.

Eliana Zaytsev (pictured in front of the island map, below) took ownership in 2010, and has done her best to preserve Lauk's original vision. "I found that i was having a hard time figuring out what was original to Lauk's Nest and what was added after she sold it," remarked Eli. "I cannot believe it has been six years now that i have had it! I rented a home and took part in events here when I was new to Second Life. This will always feel like home." Touching the map at the landing point will provide visitors with a notecard containing information about the build and a listing of landmarks for the area. There are still three rentals on the land; contact Eli for more information if you are interested in living there.

Exploring on foot, there are plenty of things to see on the island. You can circle the entire island on a wooden walkway that hugs the mountain, winding your way up to the top. You can drum at the base of a giant tree, or find your way up above the drums to the original "nest". Investigate the inside of the pyramid, or relax in the hippo pool (pictured below), which is located at the top of the cascading set of waterfalls that flow down the moutainside. At the base of the mountain, you can find a cave, or walk along the water and observe the rumblings of the active volcano in nearby Orwood.

A two-level sunset treehouse overlooks the neighborhood area where you can find rental information as well as a small art gallery. There is a temporary dance floor at the landing point which can be rezzed and rented for small parties. But I think my favorite part of the build, perhaps because it was a place I visited during my first few days in Second Life, is the meditation circle, pictured below. Once an avatar enters the circle, the white particles appear, arching overhead. "I still love this place," exclaimed Eli, "and think it should never go away!" Visitors who are interested in helping to preserve this fascinating and historic build can leave a contribution at the landing point.

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