Friday, March 4, 2016

"Hands me the ticket, smiles and whispers 'good luck'"

When was the last time you visited an amusement park? Wouldn't it be fun to ride the rides, eat some cotton candy, and maybe win your girl a prize at the arcade? Well, on the other side of Jeogeot from the Space Base, off the northwestern coast, is a tiny island which serves at a gateway to the Pyri FunFair. The island itself contains nothing but a lighthouse, a few sparse palm trees, and an old boathouse on a dock. Walk to the end of the dock, where a sign gives visitors recommended WL settings and instructions on how to rez a boat. Get in, and you are on your way to the fair!

Arriving on the opposite shore, your boat will deposit you on a much more decrepit dock than the one where you started. Avoid falling through the holes in the dock and try not to step on the scurrying critters, then head up the rocky path into the mountains. The path is steep and winding, lit by lanterns, disembodied eyes, and the occasional ghost or two. One starts to get the impression that this is not your typical amusement park. The strange tree positioned by the Funfair gate (photo below) just adds to that impression. But, we can smell the popcorn and hear the sounds of a carnival, so in through the gate we go!

The fair itself appears mostly abandoned, but there are games that look rather inviting. Click on any of the booths for multiple prizes, including cotton candy, carnival hats and t-shirts, a variety of different bears, and even a wearable Naughty Mole bear (complete with crop! - see photo, left, below). You can also sit at the fortune teller's booth and get your fortune. Here's mine:

     Madame Fortune whispers: Your fortune is...
     Madame Fortune whispers: You will not lose any inventory today.

After receiving your fortune, walk over to the ticket booth to secure your ticket to the Tunnel of Love. You'll have to step out of the way of a few rats to get there, but they're mostly harmless. (Let me tell you a secret about these LDPW rats, which can be found all over the Mainland — you can sit on them and ride them! Try it sometime.) Make sure to wear your ticket, take a seat, and into the Tunnel you go.

The ride ends unexpectedly, and deposits you in a cavern below the fair. Scattered throughout this main cavern you can find maps, books which contain clues to treasure, and supply containers which will give you things like hand-held lanterns, water, and even an aptly-named "Large Explorer's Hat" (photo above, right). Branching off of the main cavern you'll find a number of other rooms and a network of caverns below you (several levels worth!), but beware — although many things you click on will give you clues, supplies or treasure, an equal number will cause you to "die" and be ported home. You might encounter spiders, worms that feed on lost inventory, poisonous mushrooms, or pools of lava. But if you are brave and lucky, you might also find ancient treasure, the elusive creature known as the Shyoo-roth, and eventually, the Prim of Life (photo below). 

As adventures go, I died way too often during this one for my own liking, but your mileage may vary. In his disclaimer from the original announcement of the Funfair's opening, head mole Michael Linden stated, "The management holds no responsibility for any faulty rides, and residents partake in all activities at their own risk. Height restrictions may apply, and some rides are not for the faint hearted!"  

So enter at your own risk, buckle up, head into the Tunnel of Love, and enjoy the adventures which hide below the Pyri Funfair. 

"Which path to take?
Will you find rewards or strife?
My friend, you're getting closer to the Great Prim of Life!"

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