Thursday, March 3, 2016

"And there's something bright, travelling fast..."

Jeogeot, also known as the Korean continent, was third to be created after Sansara and Heterocera. It sits isolated in the southwest of the grid, not connected to any other continents. Off the Northeasternmost corner of Jeogeot is a small island known as the Mos Ainsley Space Base, sometimes referred to as Jeogeot's moon. It's this moon which we shall be exploring today.

The sim is composed of one large land mass in the shape of a moon crater (see photo above). Wandering around the base, there are several areas where you can grab a space suit and coveralls - look for the large vaults, third photo, center. They are for system avatars only, but this is vintage SL, don't be so fussy! ;) Or, you can certainly wear your own suit, as I am doing in the large greenhouse in the photo below. 

The base is sparsely furnished, but a great backdrop for taking photos. Rez is on with a five-minute autoreturn for either photo props (Ziki and I hung out in a cryo-chamber I rezzed while I blogged this) or if you'd like to rez your own spacecraft. But before you get suited up and journey off the moon base, see if you can find the captured alien hidden there. (That alien is not quite as cute as the one in my hand in the photo, below right, but it's worth seeing).

If you don't happen to own your own spacecraft, you're still in luck, because hovering over the Space Base is a shuttlecraft (photo below). Click on the "Recall Shuttle" button here, and wait as the large craft descends in front of you. After you sit, you can choose to open the hangar doors by clicking on the shuttle controls, then press "page up", and you're off! You can even bring passengers along for a unique way of exploring Jeogeot. (The shuttle will auto return when you stand.)

There is even a travel video encouraging visitors to come to the Space Base. So what are you waiting for? Explore the base, then grab a shuttle to explore the continent. I'll play you some Kate Bush while you do. 

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