Monday, March 14, 2016

The Moth Temple of Iris

At the center of the Inner Delta of Heterocera sits the impressive Moth Temple of Iris. The first telehub on that continent (and still an incredibly busy place today!) the Temple (pictured below) is a delicate but towering wooden structure designed by Xenon Linden. Almost all of the sims in Heterocera are named after species of moths; the continent itself is named for the sub-species of insect by which moths are categorized. You can find these lovely little creatures all over the Moth Temple, including fluttering around the lamps that line the boardwalk surrounding it at dusk.

The area surrounding the temple is owned by Prokofy Neva's Second Life Public Land Preserve, and is a resident-designed infohub modeled on a fishing village, created by builder Jessica Ornitz. The boardwalks of the infohub are lined by charming huts, which, according to Prokofy, contain "freebies, dollarbies, things to explore, meditation, games, etc. There is also a little tutorial about how to start a business in SL. I try to have my sims being sort of 'second tier' tutorials after the basic newbie stuff that they have on Caledon." Wandering around, visitors can find a great deal of information which will be especially helpful to new residents: hints on reducing lag, tips on how to stop animations, even some very cool random LM generators to help you find new places to explore. There is a set of free moth wings hanging from a lamppost (the ones which were used in Osprey Therian's memorial), and if you look for the red moth lanterns hanging from the lampposts near the wings, they are also free.

Build is on in part of the infohub, so I capitalized on the moth theme and rezzed one of my very favorite vehicles, the Lepidoptera, pictured above and below.This fabulous flying machine, modeled after a James Gurney illustration and created by resident bunnys Fride, is free on the marketplace here. It can handle a pilot and 11 passengers, and is incredibly easy to fly. A wonderful way to take in the sights around the Moth Temple...and on the Moth Continent of Heterocera!


  1. Wow, nice find! Keep them posts coming, I love to read them.

  2. Thanks for another fantastic post, Kinn! I'm a total geography nerd -- in virtual worlds just as much as, if not sometimes more than, in the real one -- but although I could already identify all of the mainland SL continents on a map, I didn't know about the entomological significance behind Heterocera's name or the names of its regions. Now I do. ^ - ^ How very cool.

    Didn't know about the Moth Temple, either. I'll have to check it out! I tend to reside primarily in the Blake Sea these days, but love to explore all over the grid (mainland and island sims alike) whenever I have the time. Since Heterocera started coming into existence right around when I first joined SL, back in March of 2005, I've been making an effort recently to see more of that continent in particular. The railway and Yava pods have helped quite a bit in that regard; clearly, though, I have a lot more to discover...

    Thanks for recommending the Lepidoptera, by the way. Definitely my kind of vehicle; will have to grab one off the Marketplace next time I'm in need of some wings. On a related note, I'm a big fan of James Gurney's artwork, and would absolutely love to see a virtual world version of Dinotopia... as daunting a project as that would be to bring to life. O_o

    1. Erik, I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog! I wonder if you'd be willing to suggest a few of your favorite Mainland place that might be worth featuring?

      A Dinotopia sim would be an awful lot of fun. :)