Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"I Am Little Jack Frost, But I Am Warm Through and Through"

As Spring arrives in the Northern Hemisphere of first life in fits and starts, let's take one last look at some snow-covered SL terrain by visiting the Alpine Byway in the Northern Snowlands of Sansara. One of my favorite things about the Mainland is the infrastructure, especially the roads, and this area has some rather unusual road features. In Durango, tucked under a large bridge over the Grindlewald River and spanning a cascading waterfall, is a smaller bridge made entirely of light (see photo below).

Let's start up the hill at on Amundsen Road at the Durango rez zone. Look to your right, and you'll see a cobbled stone roadway leading off from the main road (pictured below). Walk down the incline until you reach the river, touch the sign, and a bridge of light will appear before you, allowing you to cross long as you hurry!

Once on the other side, you'll find yourself in Grindlewald (pictured below). Looking around, you'll see another sign announcing the Light Bridge. Go off the road and down the hill next to this sign, and you'll spot a small dock. This is the Grindlewald River Rez Zone, and here you can rez a boat to take you upriver to Zermatt Lake in the East; just make sure you don't steer West and end up going over the falls! If you don't feel like navigating the icy waters of the Grindlewald River today, let's follow the road Southeast to Seefeld.

In Seefeld Square you'll find a couple of choices: to your right, there is a sledding hill, and a small stump will lead you quickly to the top. Directly in front of you is a rough, stone path through the woods, and to your left, the cobbled road continues. This area is a rez zone, so you can rez the vehicle of your choice, or continue on foot. For now, we are going to choose the left path and make our way upriver to frozen Zermatt Lake. The lake truly is frozen over - you can walk on it under the shimmering "Aurorae Lindenalis" and explore the island in the center with the completely blinged-out snowman (first photo), a giant igloo with ice couches that claim "Linden Lab is not responsible for frozen rear ends" (grab a pair of free ice skates near the igloo), and an animated snowman band inside a life-sized snowglobe (image below).

Behind the snowglobe, you'll find the other end of the stone path you first glimpsed in Seefeld. Take that path through the woods and up the hill (sharp eyes might spot some interesting freebies in the woods!) until you reach Seefeld Square once again. This time, port to the top of the hill via the handy tree-stump, grab a sled, and go! Be careful, however, as the path is riddled with mole-holes, and you may bump a few in the head on your way down! Alternatively, you may wish to explore the area by Yavascript Pod. Head to the pod station in Durango, and choose "YavaScript Pod S4 (River&Mountain)". This pod (which changes from pod, to sled, to boat, to ski lift all in one trip!) will take you through all of the areas we just visited, plus the Kanin ski resort, where you can find free skis, a sled rezzer, a snow tube tour, couples cross country skiing, and downhill skiing. So dress warmly, and enjoy the Winter fun!

"I was little boy lost, and I was little boy blue
I'm little Jack Frost but I am warm through and through
It's not easy to hide when your heart's on full view
Oh, tonight, cruel world be forgiving
Oh, for once in my life I am living."

Little Jack Frost, Kate Rusby

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