Friday, March 11, 2016

"Bay City Brew - It's Something In The Water"

As happens every year near St. Patrick's Day, the waters in and around Daley Bay have been dyed a brilliant green by the water treatment plant technicians of the Linden Department of Public Works in Bay City. 

This is a nod to a first life tradition during which the Chicago River has been dyed green for that city's St. Patrick's Day parade for over 50 years. David Matthews of DNAInfo reported today that "...the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers since 1961 have poured a secret solution, that's actually orange, into the city's main tributary to give it a glowing emerald hue. The river-dyeing tradition began after parade chairman Stephen Bailey noticed a special dye city officials used to detect waste in the river changed the water to a perfect emerald green, according to Chicago magazine." So the green dye was originally poured into the river to detect crap! Did I mention that the source of the green water in Bay City is the Bay City Department of Sanitation's Pumping Station Number 1?

The pumping station in Daley Bay (pictured below, yellow and blue building, center) is directly across the street from the Bay City Brewery, and is the source of the brewing water supply. No stranger to bright green water, us! You can even float in a large beer tub of the stuff inside the Brewery. Founded by Ever Dreamscape in 2012 and designed by Ivan Suen, the Brewery is Bay City's "original questionably safe adult beverage and industrial process". We supply beer (and root beer for the kids!) throughout the City, and serve as the site of the annual Oktoberfest celebration.
So come on down, grab a beer, and take a gander at the green waters of Daley Bay. After all, as our logo states, "Bay City Brew - It's Something In The Water!" 


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