Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail

On this Easter morning, let's hop on over to Project Kapor for an egg hunt. Located on the eastern shore of two Sansara sims, Rosedale and Kapor, this sweet little build is covered in Spring flowers, rocky pathways, and, of course, Easter eggs! You can pick up the bunny avatar I'm wearing (pictured below) for free here at COCO. It comes with either grey or cinnamon fur (or grab both!) and a number of free or inexpensive clothing items are located nearby.

A rainbow arches over a waterfall that spans the two sims, and the rocky paths lead you over and through several tiny ponds. Surrounding the ponds, lollypop trees give a variety of flavored lollypops. There are floating balloons one can ride (see last photo, below), or you can catch a ride out into the waters of the Coastal Waterway on an inner tube (photo directly below).

But don't forget the Easter eggs! Most (tho' not all) of the eggs hidden throughout Project Kapor contain prizes: wearable Easter baskets, bunny ear headbands, tiny yellow chicks, and even your own version of the floating balloons. Before you leave, don't miss catching the balloon ride up into the small island lighthouse right offshore, as there are more Easter eggs at the top.

While you are looking around, enjoy this short (3 minute) Peter Cottontail cartoon released by UPA Animation Studios in the early 1950's (directed by Robert Cannon, animated by Robert Cannon and Grim Natwick).

Happy Hunting...and Happy Easter!

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