Wednesday, April 13, 2016

O, Discordia!

High above the Mainland continent of Corsica sits a fanciful land of chaos and whimsy called Discordia, owned by Dr Larry Battle (TimeLord67). Upon arrival, you are greeted with a shout ("The Realm of Chaos shouts, Welcome to Discordia!") and you might pause there for a moment to take in the vast array of sounds and colors that assault your senses. The pictures I took for this blog post don't do the place justice, because they can't quite convey the constant motion that surrounds you from the moment you enter the realm. Things to play on and with are everywhere: I clicked on the 8-Ball pictured below, and received [19:11] Magic 8 Ball: I've got nothing [19:11] Magic 8 Ball: Ask Jesus.

Rather than using the direct link above, visitors can also enter Discordia from ground level. From the Circuit La Corse in central Corsica (one of the two major roads on that continent) travelers might spot an immense purple pinwheel, pictured below, spinning in the sky above the rocky plains of Trellumare. Clicking on that pinwheel gives you a portal to two different destinations: Timesville or Discordia. Timesville, states sim designer GJliz, is the main town and hangout, but it is currently being renovated. And so, today let's choose some glorious chaos and port to Discordia.

When I asked GJliz (pictured below) about the inspiration for this place, I received this reply:
"So, Discordia is a realm created by the fictional character, Discord. From My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. It's a place where the creature entertained himself by taking what he knows about the natural order of the world and changing it into something else. He believes the natural world is mundane, and he is obsessed with chaos. He created himself a home to enjoy the topsy turvy deconstruction and reassembly of what was once all ordinary things. He tried to make an art of it. It's the only place he could without being shunned and resented for it. This is a place he finds himself always amused, and wants others to join in on the fun."
Fansites and conventions (and sims, apparently!) based on the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (MLP:FIM) are part of a well-documented phenomenon of fans who are outside of the original target demographic of young girls. According to the MLP:FIM wikia, the character Discord is based on the Star Trek character Q, and is even voiced by the same actor. "Discord appears with a bright white flash, and the two even share some mannerisms, including a fondness for 'games'and snapping his fingers to use his powers. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Q Who, Picard refers to Q as ' of kin to chaos'."

Discordia is filled with colorful and playful items by Rachel Breaker and others, all jumbled together in really fun ways. (Rachel's marketplace is always a great place to explore, btw, as is her own sim, Off The Wall.) In Discordia, things you'd think you could sit on (couches, for instance) you can't, but try the huge hamburger or the lake filled with lava. Up is down, and down is up, and sometimes things even go sideways in this magical pocket of chaotic joy. If you enjoy your visit as much as I did, please consider leaving a contribution at the landing point for the sim's upkeep. But most of all, have fun exploring the chaos!

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