Saturday, April 30, 2016

Airship Show - Tradewinds Yacht Club

Starting on April 30 and running through Sunday, May 15, is an extravaganza Airship Show at the Tradewinds Yacht Club (TYC) in Dex. Visitors will get to see a great variety of balloons, dirigibles and airships (see photo, below); only one of each kind was solicited for the show. I spoke to TYC's Harbormaster, Ahab Quandry, who told me, "We have shows every so often, maybe as many as six per year. There are some amazing builds at this particular show, most I don't remember seeing before."

Ahab, pictured below, speaking about the yacht club itself, said, "TYC is one of the oldest clubs in the sailing world and it has been in this location for about 7 years.  We are more relaxed here I think than some of the others and have no rule book as such. There are several sort of unwritten rules but they are more about being polite to our fellows and that sort of thing." The description of the yacht club states, "Home to the independent minded sailor. What we're about is just having fun without the politics. You're welcome to launch your sailboat here and sail." Continued Ahab, "Well, apart from putting on shows and the occasional races we sort of pride ourselves as being one, if not the most, friendliest place to come to.  Everyone (who behaves) is welcome and most of the regulars will always jump in to help a newbie to sailing or boating."

The Tradewinds Yacht Club is located in Nautilus, right at the edge of the Blake Sea. It is a very busy location; I saw a great number of boats sailing past and planes flying overhead while I was there. There are inexpensive boats for sale there, 7Seas fishing gear vendors, and of course, the airships. You might spot colorful balloons, flying pirate ships, and even the Bay City blimp, pictured below. Why not stop over and have a look, and perhaps investigate the joys of sailing in SL while you're there? The airship show will remain at the club for the next two weeks.


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