Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Got A Whale Of A Tale To Tell Ya, Lads"

Untitled Document Jules Verne, often referred to as the father of science fiction, was a French novelist and playwright famous for such wild, imaginative adventures as Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864), Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870), and Around the World in Eighty Days (1873). In Second Life, Veritas Raymaker has created a museum in the Sea of Fables to honor the life and works of Verne called "St. Michel", named after a series of boats that Verne owned during his life. Before visiting, since some of the museum is located on the sea floor, you may want to pick up the free Nautilus diving suit I'm wearing in the photo below. Designed by Aley (Arcadia Asylum), it emits bubbles from the helmet, bounces and kicks up sand from the sea floor when you walk, and is simply full of old-school awesome. Just the thing for a visit to the Jules Verne Museum.

From the landing point, you can either catch a zip line ride down to the water or walk up the hill to the brick building. Inside the building is a simulated moon surface; cam in and sit on one of the floating jet packs for an immersive experience. Outside the building's front door is a small blue cone which will rez a vehicle (pictured on left, below) to take you to various other destinations within the build, including a fanciful floating skybase (pictured on the far right, below). According to Veritas, "the original site of the Museum was featured in the March 2008 issue of Deja Vu International magazine. That site was used from July 2007 to August 2008. The Museum is presently situated in the sim of Lily, and was opened in January 2009. Spread over 0.7 hectares and comprising self-paced informational experiences, it is hoped that the variations in type and scale of the exhibits will convey some sense of the sheer breadth of Verne's genius."

One of the destinations within the build is a large submarine (interior control room pictured below) which sits on the surface of the Sea of Fables. Under the sub, a series of interconnected underwater rooms allows visitors to observe the sea life while remaining comfortably dry. At each destination, a set of slideshows gives visitors information about the builds and the books on which they are based. Like Leonardo da Vinci, Jules Verne imagined creations which became reality hundreds of years later. See this National Geographic photo-essay about ten of his inventions which actually exist today.

States Veritas, "I am very happy to have been able to keep the museum open at Lily these many years. The affordances of Second Life align so well with Verne's imagination. The doors of the museum will continue to remain open and all are very welcome :-)" The tales imagined and written down by Verne are still capturing the imagination of readers today, and this museum is a good introduction — and homage to — his works. Come visit, dive in and explore the grand adventures for yourself, and perhaps take home some inspiration for your own adventures. Let's follow the advice of Jules Verne, who said, "Ah! Young people, travel if you can, and if you cannot, travel just the same!"

"Got a whale of a tale to tell ya, lads
A whale of a tale or two'
Bout the flappin' fish and the girls I've loved
On nights like this with the moon above
A whale of a tale and it's all true
I swear by my tattoo"

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