Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"I Live In A Labyrinth Under the Sea"

Today we will head to the Sea of Fables in search of some underwater adventure! Located in the heart of Sansara, this sparkling blue sea contains a great number of islands named after Greek gods and legends. In addition to exploring the small towns and temples on each island, the waters surrounding the islands are perfect for diving adventures; they are filled with ancient ruins, shipwrecks, coral reefs, and even sea monsters! We are going to start by picking up some diving gear on the docks of Poseidon Island, pictured below.

Poseidon Island has a fixed landing point, so when you arrive, face south and make your way down to the docks. There, you will find some free diving gear (although I prefer Arcadia Asylum's suit, which I mentioned in my recent Jules Verne Museum post). Once you have your gear, step off the edge of the docks and continue walking south. Soon you'll spot the remains of a shipwreck on the ocean floor (pictured below) and in front of the wreck, some tumbled columns and an opening with a set of stairs that leads down into the earth. Directly in front of the stairs is a ball of twine — take this and wear it. It is a HUD which will help you on your journey.

The ball of twine might clue you into the fact that you are descending into a labyrinth, like Theseus venturing in to slay the Minotaur. Long, dark passageways spiral in on each other, and you will need your HUD to find your way to the center. Each time you reach a place where several passageways converge, clicking on the ball of twine will illuminate a map (pictured below) to help you choose your direction. There will be a marker on the floor at each crossroads, indicating your position on the map.

If you choose well, you'll eventually find yourself at the center of the labyrinth. Look around for the Minotaur, pick up a copy of Theseus' sword, and maybe even take an impromptu ride on an octopus, as Ziki is doing below. Now you just have to decide how to exit the maze — do you go back out the way you came in, or is there an easier way? Look all around you and see if you can find another exit. The last picture might give you a hint as to where it is.

If you enjoyed this adventure, you might want to set out to discover what else lies hidden on the ocean floor in the Sea of Fables. You could spot the wreck of King Midas, or a Siren's Grotto, where ancient statues of mysterious goddesses lure sailors under the waves. While you are exploring, enjoy this fascinating video set to The Incredible String Band's "The Minotaur Song." Happy diving!

"I live in a labyrinth under the sea
Down in the dark as dark as can be
I like the dark as dark as can be
He likes the dark as dark as can be"


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