Wednesday, October 12, 2016

(Queen) of the Road

As I mentioned in my last post, the road network on Satori is unusual, to say the least. From the Satori wiki page: "Originally the roads were supposed to connect, but due to mistakes when the land was divided as the regions were brought online many of the routes end in abrupt dead ends. A system of false tunnels and billboards at dead ends will offer teleports when touched to allow travelers to easily keep exploring the road network without having to backtrack or search the map for where the road picks up again." I'm just going to highlight a few of the fun and interesting things you'll find on a road trip through Satori, going in no logical order. And off we go!

Let's start with the tunnels. Every once in awhile, you'll come across a dead end disguised as a tunnel. The one pictured above is located in Bietschhorn, and if you click on the lights on either side of the entrance, it will transport you to a corresponding tunnel in Finsteraarhorn, skipping the sim in between. Only problem is that you'll lose your car during the port, but since you'll land in a rez zone, it really isn't a big deal.

Billboards, like those pictured above, are another device used by the fabulous LDPW moles as a way out of a dead end. These two are located outside of the Dead End Diner in Ellingson, and offer to take travelers to either a tunnel in Aragonese, or to the charmingly rustic Old Wagon Road, which is only two sims in length.

In several locations, the road ends near water. There is a beautifully landscaped Japanese dance area in Davros, located at the junction of Route 8 and Route 8C. From there, if you choose to travel on Route 8C, you'll shortly arrive at a body of water where you'll see a boat launch and a free sailboat rezzer. If you sail across the water to the other end of the road in Valeyard, you'll spy a ramshackle structure (pictured above) where a large hole gives evidence to the notion that someone didn't notice that the road was ending!

If, however, you set out at the Japanese dance area and continue on down Route 8, you'll start to notice a series of signs warning you that the bridge ahead is out. (Along with the bridge made of light in the Sansara Snowlands, this is probably one of my favorite areas on any Mainland road.) As you approach the missing bridge, you'll spy a Road Closed sign which offers "Alternate Transportation." Click on that sign, and a huge bullseye appears, along with instructions on how to position your vehicle to have it catapulted across the water. Are you brave enough to try it? Just remember that you are also being thrown across a sim crossing, so anything could happen!

The subtle, playful humor of the LDPW moles can be found at every dead end on Satori. Above, "competing" billboards at the end of the Old Wagon Road in Sababurg send you either to Ogilvie, or back to the Dead End Diner in Ellingson. You can find a list of all of Satori's rez zones here. No matter where you start, or whether you travel by foot, bike, or car, you'll have fun exploring the roads — and the dead ends — on the continent. Take a trip through Satori, and be King (or Queen!) of the Road!


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