Monday, August 8, 2016

The Unknown Theme Park

According to the current owner, Miyi (Miyi Nishi), the exact beginning of The Unknown Theme Park is not documented, and its founder, Ade Franklin, left Second Life a while back. What is known is that the theme park started with a club, The Unknown Club, which has been at the same location since November 26, 2005. Located along Route 1 in the sims of Moneta and Rivula in the north of Heterocera, the theme park comprises 37000 sqm packed with more than 50 colorful and exciting rides and activities. Miyi remarked that when visiting, "ear plugs and high-class lag protection suits are recommended."

Miyi recalled meeting Ade for the first time, commenting, "we always had a lot of fun at his always-changing park. When my SL family fell apart, Ade took us kids into his family. Imagine a dream come true: living in the middle of an always-open theme park as a kid, where all the rides are free! From that day on all the rides had to be 'Miyi approved'. If me could operate them, they were good for the customers. Me became Theme Park Guide." As the years went on, and Ade spent less and less time in SL, Miyi took on more responsibility for the park, buying the parcels of park land which were not already group-owned, and replacing broken rides. "With a last visit of Ade," she said, "and the big help of a neighbor resident, plus Linden support, the park could be transfered and saved. Now me runs it until Ade comes back. It is so much fun to work at and on the park!"

Additionally, after many years of inactivity, The Unknown Club (pictured below) now is active again with regular events, the next ones being "30 Greatest Hard Rock Songs" on August 10th and "Lynyrd Skynyrd & ZZ Top" on August 24. There is a group joiner in the club and several others throughout the theme park for those wishing to keep informed of such happenings. 

The Unknown Theme Park is in the middle of a year-long 10th Anniversary celebration - quite an accomplishment in our ever-changing world! Stop on by to enjoy the sights and sounds of a classic theme park, and try out the many rides, which include a tour train, underground bumper cars, a maze, a bouncy castle (pictured below), several roller coasters, and a giant ferris wheel. Play some classic arcade games in the mini arcade or play chess on a giant chess board. The land extends down to the inner waters of the Atoll, so visitors can also enjoy fishing or inner tubing. A balloon tour near the club provides some history of the park as you ride. Remarks Miyi, "All rides are free, with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. ;) The Unknown Theme Park is here for fun and for you to have fun. And it is here to stay. :)"

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