Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gerstle Point

It isn't often that you stumble across an entire Mainland sim that is constructed and landscaped as a cohesive whole, but while I was exploring Jessie the other day, that's exactly what Ziki found. Gerstle Point comprises all of the sim Gerstle, and is located on the shore of the Bay of Space Pigs on the old continent of Sansara. Beautifully landscaped with high cliffs, rocky shorelines, forested areas, and a mysterious, mist-covered stone circle, Gerstle Point is a peaceful and delightful respite in the center of some of the oldest land in Second Life. Let's stop by and take a look, shall we?

I spoke to sim owner Катя Коваль (KatyaKoval), pictured below, who recently purchased the area from two friends who had owned it since 2004. "I am trying to build up two spots," she told me, "the storytelling/glamping area in the corner and the discussion ruins." The ruins she refers to are the stones, pictured above, which are the setting for a weekly discussion group. Upon arrival, a notecard gives you some information, "Welcome to the ruins. Here we have a chat meet up every Wednesday night at 4pm slt. Depending on the interest we will look into further expanding the dates, times and locations." Katya continued by saying that "the western side of the sim is going to be more modern age and the eastern, a more ancient English leaning. I wanted a place for the arts. I love my artist friends and I still hope to create an artist colony at some point."

Wandering around, in addition to the discussion ruins, you'll discover a creatively-furnished lighthouse with a 7seas fishing vendor outside, what Katya called the "Glamping corner" - five glamorous tents and a fire circle tucked into a heavily wooded corner between the cliffs and the sea, four dockside glamping tents located on rafts over the water, a lovely English cottage (pictured below), a pool and pool-house, and the forlorn remnants of a fallen lighthouse (last photo, below). If you look at the sim from overhead via the inworld map, you will see a picture of a lighthouse, created by the delightful (and apparently omnipresent!) Marianne McCann

Katya concluded, "This land in SL has always had a special meaning to me over the years, and I hope that folks join in because I really enjoy seeing things grow, especially when they involve resident creativity such as storytelling, and participation with the discussion group area.  I try to to welcome all thoughts and at the same time be a welcoming place that allows folks who need a shoulder to find respite, in a place that is a comfortable place to be for awhile. The area itself is in a spot that is more generally oldbie residents so we tend to be more open about personal RL selves at times when making personal connections. We will eventually have boat slips available for rent in the future, as well as now having areas to fish if you are into 7seas fishing. Also starting soon will be campfire storytelling in the glamping corner, leading into November's NaNoWriMo.  This will be by invite only, but if you are interested in participating, please definitely IM me. There will be limited spots available so be sure to do it soon!"