Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Great City of Nautilus

Between Corsica to the North and Satori to the South lies the Mainland continent of Nautilus. Directly to the East of Nautilus is the Blake Sea, a continent of private sims. Travel between all four of these continents is possible by sea, which makes both Nautilus and the Blake Sea prime sailing destinations. Today, let's grab a free sailboat from Barbarossa Island in the Blake Sea (one which also happens to have an airport arrow and beacon on it!) and sail due West towards the entrance to Nautilus City.

Moving towards the shore, you will spot a great channel leading inland (photo above). To the left of the channel is a large structure called The Pharos, a temple decorated with dolphins and guarded by a statue of Hydraea, Goddess of the Sea. Immediately off the shoreline is a small statue of a dolphin. You used to be able to rez a rideable dolphin here. Now, if you click on the statue, you'll receive a folder containing a dolphin, a sailing chart for the Blake Sea, and some old maps of Nautilus.

Sailing in towards the City, you can stop at several interesting points along the way. To your left, you'll spot a large park that takes up two entire sims and includes a pond, a pool and a giant chess set. To your right, you can explore the crash site of Magellan Linden's "atomic boring machine" (photo below). If you walk up the hill behind the crash site, you'll find a small bench with one of the loveliest views on the Mainland. 

Like Bay City (my home away from home on the Grid, about which I'll write soon!), Nautilus properties are double prim. If you can afford the prices and decide to build here, make sure to visit The Market (photo below), where you can pick up textures and entire houses to fit in with the theme. Step inside the large, open air building to find these free items, tucked into crates and large jars.

Next to the market you can wander through a lovely old shipyard, and traveling further inland, you might come across a strange, maze-like palace, empty but for a round tub on the second floor, and a temple (photo below) which sits perched on the edge of the central pool in the Citadel. Inside the temple sits a glowing crystal, and other large crystals can be found throughout Nautilus City. The temple site itself is damage-enabled, although I've not yet discovered any dangers inside. However, explorers with keen eyes might discover an escape route leading back down into the central pool, just in case those dangers ever do appear.

Small details are often the most interesting part of investigating new places. The photo below highlights some details of Nautilus City - the bright blue wall covering in one room of the empty palace, a face that looks out over the great chamber in the temple of the Citadel, and bright red jars decorated with a familiar figure, complete with proudly-displayed prim and bejeweled codpiece. A few of those red jars contain free houses, but some are simply the jars themselves, in case one wants a souvenir of Philip to take home. 

Sometimes, don'tcha know, a jar is just a jar.


  1. i lived in nautilus many years never noticed those jars in the market haha i will go and check them out now