Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stardancing in Shinda

On Sansara, just north of the Mare Secundus (a fascinating place that deserves its own blog post) is a collection of parcels with a cosmic flair. Here one can stop for a bite to eat at Papa Primbee's Diner (photo below), explore the beach "filled with spaced out nature", then click on the floating moon to port up to Inspire Space Park.

But before you head up, take a look around at ground level. Shinda is a unique sim in that all of the parcels have a similar which even spills over to surrounding sims. Visit an art gallery, climb up the inside of a giant tree, maze your way through a labyrinth, or meditate high above the earth on one of Sharni Azalee's wonderful floating islands. When you are finished exploring, you can click on one of the many floating moons in the area to port high above to the truly magical Space Park.

When you arrive at the Space Park, make sure your WL is set to midnight, and that you have particles enabled. The Space Park has two levels: level one is where most people hang out, and DJs and particle artists regularly perform there, creating a dreamy atmosphere with "the latest in spacey downtempo and mid energy music." A quieter second level is full of places to read, cuddle, or dance with a partner. (Make sure you walk out onto the asteroid path on the second level and into the large planet at the end.)

In addition to the particle shows, visitors will find places to meditate, do tai chi, dance, gaze at the stars, or float into space alone (see photo below) or with a friend. Floating across the Milky Way, I couldn't help but think that Stardance author Jeanne Robinson would've loved it.

There are always people at Inspire, at any given time of day or night, and for a place that was created in 2006 that's really saying something. Occasionally visitors might feel like they've been transported back to 2006 as well, since while at the Park you are always sure to spot facelights, wings, horse avatars, flexi hair, and even bling! Inspire Space Park is kind of a quintessential SL experience, but rather than feeling tacky or outdated, it's actually quite charming.

Owner Earth Primbee calls the Space Park and Nature Preserve below "a cosmic dream that I dream with my co-creators Grafx Newbold and Raphael Cremorne. Together we create a place that inspires beauty, peace, and love to make the universe a better place." In this, I think they've succeeded.


  1. Thank you Kinn, I look forward to reading each and every post, long may Mainland Matters continue.

    1. Thank you so much, Annie...what a lovely thing to say! :)))