Friday, September 9, 2016

"Drop the puck, it's time to go"

Today, where I live in first life on the East Coast of the US, the temperature is supposed to reach 97 degrees F, with a heat index of 103. Schools are closing early due to the heat, and people are urged to stay inside as much as possible. A perfect day to visit the Snowlands of Sansara in here! Let's pull on our snow boots and start at the very Western edge of the continent, on a long, elegant bridge in Braggiani. This bridge leads into the Winter sports paradise of Chamonix City. The First Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France in 1924 at the base of Mont Blanc. The name Chamonix City is a tribute to that event, and the area was founded in 2009 as part of the Lab's Community Partnership initiative, a program which allows groups of private sims to connect to the Mainland.

The bridge will lead you to the sim Offsides, one of six sims named for hockey terms, the others being Neutral Zone, Crosscheck, Empty Net, Blueliner and Breakaway. As you cross the bridge and walk down into the town, you'll find a row of shops leading to a town square with the Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA) Hall of Fame in the center. According to the GOHA website, "GOHA exists not simply as a sporting event but a full-fledged community, offering many activities for residents to get together and be a part of social events as well as the competitive hockey seasons. GOHA members follow a Code of Conduct which helps to keep the entire community a friendly, fun place to be. Longtime friendships and even real life romances have formed out of the community." 

Within the six sims of Chamonix City, in addition to hockey, you can enjoy all kinds of Winter sports: there is an ice skating pond, a luge, free bobsleds, free snowboarding equipment, skiing and a ski jump. Check out this fun video tutorial for the ski jump, created by the folks over at the Giant Snail Races. And if you are here for the hockey, there is plenty: two large, professional rinks offer hockey 24/7, all year round. With a busy game schedule, you are sure to see some exciting hockey action. Kiosks in each building will give you free hockey equipment and uniforms, and you can contact Kacey Rossini, hockey commissioner, for more information on how to join a team and get involved. 

Above, Elliott Clarity plays for the Dragons


According to Kacey, "this year GOHA will be in its tenth year and playing its 22nd season. We run eight teams, spread out over two divisions, allowing for both North American and European stand-alone leagues with the original two teams the Whales and the Wolves still going. GOHA has an active recruitment program with farm coaches taking players on the ice for the first time, teaching them the game, and then helping with their being placed onto teams. All equipment is free, and all rinks are open to the public - only closed for play during official league matches, but all are free to come and watch. We also have Rookie Farms and fun Scrimmages where you just turn up, pick sides, and have fun! There is even a huge banquet hall for end-of-season awards ceremonies."

One of the two original teams, the Whales, used to be sponsored by Bay City, but according to Kacey, GOHA "lost touch with the Bay years ago." /me looks over at my Bay City community and wonders if there might be any renewed interest there? Meanwhile, enjoy the loud and rowdy Dropkick Murphy's, urging you to get out on the ice and play!

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