Monday, June 20, 2016

The Temple Of The Prim

Route 11 begins (or terminates?) on the southern shore of Corsica, as a narrow wooden walkway clinging to the side of a mountain (pictured below). Here, at the Kwaito Rez Zone, rather than following the walkway to see what treasures that route has in store, we will venture off the road and up a steep mountain path to seek the mystical and mythic Temple of the Prim.

Shigeko Tachikawa has taken an excellent photo of the mountain path, which switchbacks up the stone mountain to a fortress on the top (photo below). Venture through the drawbridge and up the stone stairs until you reach the courtyard (first photo, above). From within, a mysterious glow beckons you forward. 

Once inside, you'll find an ancient map of the world, along with three glowing, winged figures, each holding up a prim. Investigations reveal that these are "Ancient Prim Guardian Statues", created by a mole with a really great name, Mouldy Mole. Further explorations will show an empty, dusty room below this, and a subterranean river below that. But no other clues. What was this place? What led the moles to create it, here on this remote mountainside? And why, oh why, is there so much glow?

Some things, it seems, will remain forever a mystery. ;)

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